Optimize your system with swiftPV

SwiftPV is a suite of products and services that help maximize PV system performance. A solution can be customized for each stakeholder based on a foundation of open data access and industry standards that leverages over 85 years of operational and technical solar experience.

Blocks of the swiftPV solution

swiftPV diagram
data ingestion

Data Management

Each implementation of swiftPV uses a core data ingest base to collect data from a wide variety of devices and data feeds. This combination of hardware, firmware, open APIs and other back-end integrations provides a robust base for each swiftPV solution.

swiftPV Applications


The mobile and web front-end of each swiftPV solution is designed to analyze, visualize and take action based on the collected data. This block is easy to customize for each stakeholder’s unique needs.

swiftPV Reports


A suite of tailored recommendations and data delivered on a schedule or ad-hoc. Use our templates for custom reporting based on advanced analytics that can be adapted to your needs.

swiftPV Historian


A dedicated database on which a user can run queries that makes open data access as easy as possible. This allows teams to run ad-hoc analyses and interact with their data.

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