swiftPV for OEMs


We work with OEMs to develop tailored software solutions based on a modern IoT foundation

Physical products from inverters to energy storage need to be connected now more than ever due to the changing nature of how energy assets are managed. Take advantage of our 100 years of experience in energy and software to build out your connected solution and get ahead of competition:

  • Streamline asset management for your customers
  • Create brand stickiness with end users
  • Use advanced analytics to offer intelligent warranty support
  • Future-proof your hardware for the Internet of Energy while enabling new revenue streams (demand response, virtual power plants, grid stabilization)
swiftPV for OEMs
Situational Analysis
Understand operational parameters and customer needs
Solution ​​​​​​​Optimization
Customize the back end to operate most efficiently
Software ​​​​​​​Development
Develop custom dashboards & a front-end for easy use
Process Definition
Setup processes to scale, operate and modify the solution over time
Email and phone support, training and continued maintenance
Custom Engagement
Additional services from marketing and strategy to implementation and operations
Rather than developing your offering with a generalist vendor, take advantage of our energy-specific solutions. Some of the challenges we work on in the energy industry include:
swiftPV for OEMs

We’re here to help you build your complex vertical solution!