Infiswift has partnered with top players in the industry to improve our offering and we are constantly adding pre-built integrations and services to the platform.

Premier Partners

United Electronics Co (UEC)
Infiswift is working with UEC to develop the next generation of smart IoT applications for IT service solutions. The partnership focuses on design and development of a complete IoT solution with integrated sensor networks, communications and backend IT systems.

Key initiatives include

  • Design and develop complete IoT solutions leveraging infiswift expertise in IoT and UEC expertise in IT infrastructure
  • Commercialize innovative, low-cost and effective solutions for specific industries like industrial automation, agriculture, resource monitoring and energy
Aximsoft is a development partner working with infiswift to develop and build out the product as well as offer third party professional services for customers looking for a more comprehensive solution.

Key initiatives include

  • Support infiswift base product development
  • Offer professional services to enterprise customers
  • Develop industry specific IoT solutions


Libelium offers a huge hardware ecosystem that works easily with infiswift
Acuitus Ag is working with infiswift to develop smarter farm solutions
Next Energy is working with infiswift to develop smarter utility scale solar management solutions
Amazon Web Services offers infiswift-specific instances of their cloud services for hosting and more
EKO Instruments is developing smart precision sensors with infiswift
Smart Resource Labs is now part of infiswift, boosting analytics and insight
SEIA is a solar industry trade group working with infiswift
SunSpec certifies PV system components and software to communication standards