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SJAOWEYUSHAPowerHub and Infiswift Solutions Partner To Help Renewable Energy Companies Better Use and Manage Data
By: Dave Sheehan – PowerHub and Infiswift Solutions are proud to partner to deliver a more complete asset management software suite for the owner/operator community.
SJAOWEYUSHAThe 4 decision makers at each company who drive how IoT is used
By: Arup Barat – Implementing an IoT solution is a big change and a broad group from within each company needs to be on board and engaged.
SJAOWEYUSHABringing Interoperability to Long-term PV Asset Owners
By: Beau Blumberg and Dave Sheehan – How new IoT concepts can be used to seamlessly aggregate data across technologically diverse assets.
SJAOWEYUSHAInfiswift partners with NER to bring IoT-based asset management solutions to Japan for solar
By: Phil Dawsey – Infiswift Solutions and Next Energy have partnered to develop a highly scalable solar PV performance management solution that will leverage IoT and AI.
SJAOWEYUSHA8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Data-Storage Strategy for Your IoT Solution
By: Jay Srinivasan – Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have a lot of moving parts that need to work together to make something useful. Each architectural choice like which database to use impacts performance.
SJAOWEYUSHAHow Infiswift Supercharged Its Analytics for IoT Applications
By: Mike Boyarski – Business demands put extra pressure on the infiswift platform to process data quickly, including device authentication and state. Equipment messages come every second or subsecond driving the requirement for a high-throughput memory-optimized database.
SJAOWEYUSHAStreamlining IoT device provisioning
By: Phil Dawsey – To reach the billions of IoT devices expected, there are a variety of challenges to overcome – one of which is how to provision and bring online all these new devices. This process as currently designed can be a challenge at scale.
SJAOWEYUSHAIoT to grow out of awkward adolescence in 2018 and other trends for the new year
By: Arup Barat – A lot of people and companies are super excited about IoT, but we didn’t figure out how to build mobile ecosystems overnight, and it’s likewise taken a few years to get comfortable with IoT. In 2018 though, it feels like we’re ready to build at scale.
SJAOWEYUSHATop 5 Reasons Your Solar System May Not be Performing to its Full Potential
By: Sorrebh Samdani – Understanding solar system performance is complicated because it has a complex relationship with weather and equipment configuration. You may generate more energy than a previous year, but that doesn’t mean the system is performing to its full potential.

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