Infiswift Solutions is bringing data to life with IoT-based solutions for industry

Implementing solutions using data from many disparate sources in the real world has many challenges like intermittent connectivity, closed ecosystems and expensive hardware. Having experienced these obstacles in the past growing large scale data systems in industries like energy and agriculture, we wanted to change how assets are connected and managed. Infiswift Solutions has built several industry-specific solutions on an IoT foundation to aggregate data, make better decisions and take action to improve performance and efficiency. We think it’s a really cool solution and hope you’ll reach out below to learn more!


Unlocking IoT to empower industry

  • Unlocking: We bring both technical and industry expertise to projects to make technologies available and functional for our customers
  • IoT: We build solutions on an Internet of Things foundation to apply the most modern techniques to data
  • To empower: We work with our customers to build what’s right for them and grows their business
  • Industry: We work with industrial customers to solve their challenges from energy to agriculture and beyond
Why use the infiswift platform?

Why work with Infiswift Solutions?

The world of connected devices is young and evolving very quickly. Software needs to ship faster and faster to keep up. We are experts developing IoT-based solutions as well as industry veterans in energy and agriculture. We want to make sure your services get the real-time, scalable and secure foundation they need to deliver enterprise-grade value. Whether you’re looking to do real-time monitoring, asset management, or more, Infiswift Solutions empowers you to build a tailored, flexible solution that will serve your data needs into the future.

If you have a question or think Infiswift Solutions might be able to help connect
your solution please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!